Moving Forward…I Hope

I want to apologize to the new commenters that had to wait for their comments to be approved before they were posted.  I was unable to attend Thursday nights meeting and was updated by someone who attended, but without being there myself or having a copy of the minutes, I wasn’t going to post any information.  I have been busy between work and the kids extra curricular activities and I am sorry it took me this long to get to the blog.

This is one reason I have advertised for help on the website.  If someone else was on here posting an entry, I could have been notified of pending comments.

I too, was told about Mr. Adair’s motion to contract with Marion County for three years but wasn’t informed of all of the addendums to the contract, therefore, I am glad that I didn’t report this on the web.

In answer to the comment about the 2012 investigation,  thank you.  I had already figured that out from KHQA’s follow up story that said as much.  I hope that you and Mr. Adair both noticed that I didn’t include that in my article in the paper.

I try very hard to be fair to all involved, however, when something looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it’s going to be hard to convince me its not a skunk.

I hope that everyone is intent on moving forward with Ralls County 911.  Please feel free to comment, please stay respectful of others and please make sure if it is a fact you a claiming to state that you have the proof to back it up.

Why Now?

Two news articles.  Released the same day.  One from the Quincy Herald Whig and the other from KHQA.  They both focus on Ralls County 911 – that is where the similarities end.  Maggie Menderski writes about the sales tax issue on the ballot Tuesday in both Ralls and Lewis counties.  She gives the background financials and the ballot initiative  for both counties.  It’s a good article for anyone who is planning on going to the polls Tuesday and would like information on the ballot issues.

KHQA’s story focused on the shooting that allegedly occurred in June of 2012 at Ralls County 911.  This story is based on court documents obtained by the news station.  Unfortunately, this story wasn’t posted until the courthouse closed on Friday, so  I will be stopping by the courthouse myself to see the documents referenced in the article on my way home from work on Monday.  What I find questionable is the timing of this news story.  How convenient is it for anyone who doesn’t want this sales tax to pass for this story to break on Friday night before an election on Tuesday?  Board members shouldn’t be making any public statements about this since no charges have been filed at this time.  So, how can they prevent the negative impact of this story at the voting booth?  Whoops….they can’t.

I have asked two individuals that were on the board in June of 2012 about the investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol’s Division of Drug and Crime Control.  Neither chose to  speak “on the record” but I was left with the impression that the board was satisfied with whatever findings law enforcement – local or state – had reached in their investigation – in 2012.  They believed the matter had been settled.

Up until the June meeting in 2013.  Reading the article from KHQA, the investigation re-opened only 9 days before the June board meeting, but was “spurred on by the resignation of the director.”  Here is where I take issue with the current investigation – nowhere in this report does it state what was determined by any sort of law enforcement in 2012.  That is one question I would like to see answered.  Secondly, what Laurie Means allegedly did to Janice Caldwell for trying to bring the incident to light could have been handled by Miss Caldwell at a board meeting following her actions.  Why didn’t this happen?

Finally, and most importantly, the alleged shooting and the follow up investigation that was opened this year in no way reflect or have anything to do with the financial woes Ralls County 911 is facing.  The sales tax increase on the ballot this Tuesday will help bring services back to Ralls County.  It will add more than a dozen jobs here in Ralls County.  The story from KHQA only serves to do one thing – upset citizens of the county and get out the NO vote!

Today, I will refrain from pointing fingers at any one, but the way I see it, only two entities stand to gain from a “no” vote on the sales tax referendum on the ballot.  I think the public deserves to know who is making sure Ralls County 911 is portrayed in a negative light only days before the election.

There are lots of different angles to this story.  Today, I think the  most important one is to remember what Tuesday’s election is all about.  Not a shooting that supposedly occurred a year and a half ago.  Please remember that when casting your vote.


Any regular visitors have noticed that I haven’t been keeping up like I should.  Unfortunately, life happens and working a full-time job, multiple kids in multiple activities and a big family limit my time.  Is there anyone out there who would like to post their opinion on my site?  Or even put up links to other sites or articles that are of interest?

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3 Regional Meetings on Common Core

I received an email from the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core announcing 3 regional meetings over the next month.  In this email there is an interesting letter from the Paris, MO school district’s superintendent.  I am going to try to attend the meeting October 20 in St. Louis.  If anyone else is interested in going,  we could car-pool.  Just let me know.

This letter was featured in the email I received from Missouri Against Common Core

This letter was featured in the email I received from Missouri Against Common Core

You Should Have Seen This by NOW…..

Wow!!!!  Have you heard about the parent in Maryland who was arrested for having an opinion at a Common Core meeting?  I wish we could have an informational meeting in our district.  LOL….don’t see that happening….but if anyone is interested maybe we could get one together – even a Northeast Missouri meeting.  Something I should check into.  Maybe there is one coming and I haven’t’ heard about it.

Anyway, Glenn Beck has a lot to say about the incident in Maryland.  At the bottom of this article are links to several others. 

It’s time to wake up people!!! I wouldn’t be as worried about my kid riding the bus from one end of the county to the other as I am about this crap they call Common Core!